Frequently Asked Questions

Are ZEHN Wipes effective against germs, bacteria, and Covid-19?

Our wipes kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and Covid-19* in 15 seconds.

Tested in a BSL-3 Laboratory. Contact us for full results.

Do ZEHN wipes contain alcohol?

Our standard formulas used in our 1200 count, 160 count, and 10 count products do not contain alcohol. We do offer a separate option for those who prefer an alcohol wipe, and you can find that in our 160 Count IPA Wipes.

Is ZEHN FDA registered?

Yes! You can find the NDC (National Drug Code) associated with each of our products on their individual product pages. If you’d like to search those products in the FDA’s National Drug Code Directory, you can enter those NDCs here:

Are ZEHN wipes safe on surfaces?

Yes, ZEHN wipes are safe for use on hard, non-porous surfaces.

What is the shelf life of ZEHN wipes?

The shelf life for our wipe products is 2 years. Each product has an expiration date included on the packaging, and that date is written in the following format: DAY/MONTH/YEAR.

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