About ZEHN

About ZEHN Cleaning Wipes

ZEHN’s mantra, “Wiping the World Clean” is at the core of our company vision and values. Daily, people around the world rely on us to help keep their spaces clean and safe. This vision began years ago with a desire to improve and enhance the fitness industry. At the time, many fitness centers had switched from spray bottles and paper towels to cleaning wipes in order to combat the spread of germs. However, many of those wipes were low-quality, expensive, and destructive to fitness equipment. Our wipes were born from extensive research and experience in the fitness industry, and while working with brands such as NIKE, CYBEX, NAUTILUS, and LIFEFITNESS. ZEHN improved the fitness wipe industry by creating a larger, safer, more cost-effective, easier-to-use, higher-quality wipe.

Today, we formulate and manufacture sanitizing and disinfecting products, such as wipes and dispensers for our customers and their businesses both in the fitness industry and beyond. We are continually innovating to ensure we are doing our part to lower our environmental impact while simultaneously providing high-quality products with pleasant scents and healthy ingredients. Our products are both FDA and NEA registered, and backed by scientific research to guarantee efficacy against common bacteria and viruses. We work with large distribution companies that supply a variety of different businesses including fitness centers, grocery stores, and schools, to name a few. We also have strategic partnerships with sports teams and organizations.

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